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13 Days Kailash Tour

Mount Kailash (6714m), the farmed holy peak in west of Tibet. Mt. Kailash has long been an object of worship for four Major religious, for Hindu, it is domain of Shiva, It is also the abode of samvara-a multiarmed, wrathful deity worshipped in the chakrasamvara Tantric cycle of Tibetian Buddhism. And in the ancient Bon religion of Tibet, Kailash was the secred nine storeys Swastika Mountain, upon which the Banpo founder Shenrab alighted from haven. The 53 Km. Kailash Circuit is the holist of all-Hindu as well as Buddist pilgrimages and the beacon, which draws most traveller to western Tibet. It is said that a single Parikarma erases the accumulated sins of a lifetime, while 108 cicurmbulation will achieve Salvation.

Lake Mansarovar- Sprawling below Mount Kailash is the sacred lake Manasarovar (4580m), where ritual bath will deliver a pilgrim to brahm's paradise and drink of its water relinquishes the sins of a hundred lifetimes.

Day 1:
Drive Kathmandu / Nyalam (3750 m.), (150 Km.) Overnight Guest house

Day 2:
Rest at Nyalam (3800 m.)

Day 3:
Nyalam / Saga (4600 m.) camp. (232 Km.)

Day 4:
Saga / Paryang (4550 m.) camp. (185 Km.), 7-8 Hrs.

Day 5:
Paryang / Chiu Gomba (4550 m.) camp. (277 Km.), 8 Hrs.

Day 6:
Chiu Gomba / Darchen (4520 m.) (40 Km.),

Day 7:
Darchen / Dera Phuk Gomba (4860 m.) camp - A three day trek around Mt. Kailash

Day 8:
Dera Phuk Gomba / Zutul Phuk Gomba (4760 m.) camp.

Day 9:
Zutul Phuk Gomba / Horaa (4500 m.) camp.

Day 10:
Horaa / Paryang camp. (277 Km.), 7-8 Hrs.

Day 11:
Paryang / Saga camp. (185 Km.), 7-8 Hrs.

Day 12:
Saga / Nyalam. Overnight Guest house. (296 Km.) 6-7 Hrs.

Day 13:
Nyalam / Zhang-Mu / Kathmandu . (150 Km.) 
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